North Korea


More sanctions for North Korea?

The U.N Security Council called an emergency meeting after the North Korean military conducted a confirmed nuclear test at an undisclosed location. A U.S. geological base in Pyongyang registered a 4.9 magnitude tremor late Tuesday night. The test is the first under the presidency of Kim Jong Eun, who went forward with it despite an [...]


VII Magazine: North Korea: Secrets and lies

With the death of Kim Jong-il, VII Magazine explores North Korea through the eyes of photographer Tomas van Houtryve, who managed to slip into the country twice to capture images never before seen by a Western photographer.


Flare-up between North and South Korea tests U.S., Chinese power

Jon Meacham talks with Charles Armstrong, director of the Center for Korean Research at Columbia University, about the recent flare-up between North and South Korea.


Photo: Brink of war?

South Korea on high alert after shelling from North Korea.


Secrets and lies in North Korea

Need to Know presents VII Magazine, a new journalistic partnership with VII Photo, which offers our readers unprecedented intimate access to the work of the world’s leading photojournalists. Every day, our partners at VII will showcase a new photo, and each week, a new video or audio slideshow. North and South Korea held their first [...]

Thursday morning round-up

“Frankenfish” and Kim Jong-il’s trip to China.


What will Clinton and Gates say in South Korea?

North Korea abruptly canceled a meeting scheduled for today to discuss the sinking of a South Korean warship. But the U.S. Secretaries of State and Defense will have to address the thorny issue at a meeting on the peninsula later this month.

U.S., South Korean officials plan for hostage crisis as tensions mount

South Korean leaders said on Thursday that they were preparing for a possible hostage situation at a joint industrial park in North Korea.

South Korea says North will ‘pay a price’ for torpedo attack

South Korea bans trade and sea access, prepares military defense with U.S. support.

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