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  Echoes of a shooting

Exactly 20 years before the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a student went on a sudden shooting rampage that killed two people. Today, both the survivors and family members of those killed in the Simon’s Rock shooting are still trying to come to terms with what happened.


Gone Boy: An excerpt

Need to Know’s February 22 broadcast “Gone Boy” is part of PBS’s After Newtown” initiative, a series of documentaries, news reports and public affairs programs that provides thought-provoking context to the national conversation about gun violence in America. The program traces the ripples of impact 20 years after a shooting at Bard College at Simon’s Rock in Massachusetts. Gone [...]


  ‘Tiger Mom’ Amy Chua responds to uproar

Author Amy Chua talks to Alison Stewart about her new memoir, and discusses the uproar over her “extreme” approach to parenting.


Want to lose weight fast? Try breastfeeding!

A new TV ad encourages breastfeeding as a way to drop a few jeans sizes. It’s a clever campaign, but it isn’t enough, writes Lauren Feeney.

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