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Photo of the day


Photo: Armed support for allies

In Benghazi, allied air campaigns bring out supporters of all ages.


Photo: Penguins in peril

The MS Olivia, a Malta-registered cargo ship carrying 66,000 tons of soya beans and 1,650 tons of crude oil, ran aground last week in a remote British South Atlantic archipelago and broke in two.


Photo: A super-size scrub

A bubble bath for an aircraft carrier after encountering a radioactive plume.


Photo: Well, well, it’s World Water Day!

Celebrating freshwater and lamenting its lack across the world.


Photo: Sudden, sad goodbye to Knut

Berlin’s star polar bear died unexpectedly over the weekend.


Photo: The pearl of Bahrain

An iconic monument, and the meeting point for anti-government protesters, in Bahrain was demolished Friday.


Photo: End of the rainbow

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Philly!


Photo: The toll on Midway

Tsunami waves washed over the Pacific coral atolls, killing perhaps tens of thousands of birds.


Photo: Empty shelves

As shoppers stock up on food in parts of Japan, stores go empty.

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