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Photo of the day


Photo: Happy Belated Birthday, Carl!

Yesterday was Carl Sagan’s birthday, but instead of trying to sum up the late astronomer’s many accomplishments, we’ve decided to share a bit of trivia instead.


Photo: Penny for the guy

Remember, remember the Fifth of November


Photo: One giant leap for robots

Robonaut 2 will be tweeting about his adventures aboard the International Space Station.


Photo: The pink panda

The only American panda of 2010 entered the world this morning in Atlanta.


Photo: Surfing past the polls

We hope this means they’ve already cast their ballots.


Photo: Burning ring of fire

An Indonesian volcano within the “Pacific Ring of Fire” erupts again today.


Photo: Halloween gone to the dogs

His costume is probably better than yours.


Photo: Sneezin’ in the rain

Rainy days, more than Mondays, get this newly discovered monkey species down. It gets raindrops in its upturned nostrils.


Photo: A day in the ‘Life’ of Keith Richards

The Rolling Stones guitarist and future memoirist slumps on a restaurant table in London, 1964.

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