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Photo of the day


Photo: Home to stay

The space shuttle program officially ends with Atlantis’ safe return.


Photo: Famine declared in parts of Somalia

The U.N. says that nearly half of the Somali population is now in crisis.


Photo: The heat on the street

High humidity and temperatures blankets most of the country


Photo: Nothing but net

Japan emerges victorious after a real nail-biter.


Photo: Shaking hands with a hero

U.S. Army Sgt. First Class Leroy Arthur Petry receives the Medal of Honor for his valor in Afghanistan.

Photo: Terror strikes Mumbai

Terrorists struck the financial capital of India with three bombs that killed 20 people and injured more than 100.


Photo: Bull dozing

Anti-bullfighting protesters stand up by lying down.

Photo: Seeing smoke from space

The 93,000 acre wildfire in northern New Mexico is producing a thick funnel of smoke that can clearly be seen from space. An astronaut aboard the International Space Station noticed the large cloud and took this picture, which shows the terrain more clearly than NASA’s satellite photos, the day after the fire began.


Photo: Fun on the sun

NASA caught the sun unleashing a solar flare, a radiation storm and a spectacular coronal mass ejection on June 7, 2011. The large cloud of particles mushroomed up and fell back down, looking as if it covered an area almost half the solar surface.

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