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  Head start on savings

Stacey Tisdale travels to Mississippi to examine a program designed to help low-income, mostly African-American children save for college — and teach them about banking and money along the way.


3 things to know about behavioral economics

What exactly is ‘behavioral’ economics? In understanding the distinction between behavioral and theoretical economics, it’s important to understand that within the ‘traditional’ view of economic theory, it is assumed individuals behave in a vacuum. In practice, however, the attitudes and wants of individual actors is well, human. In an interview with Yale professor Robert Shiller, Nigel Warburton clarifies this: So what you’re saying […]


  Save USA

April 15 is just around the corner, and millions across the country are scrambling to get their taxes paid. But tax season may also offer a unique opportunity for some low-income Americans. “Save USA” is a program created by New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg and funded by federal, state and private dollars. The idea? […]


  Savings and loans

In this program, we visit employers implementing the program, who agree it has dramatically reduced employee turnover and increased productivity.


  American Voices: Dan Ariely

For many people, saving money isn’t just difficult; it’s a foreign concept. A recent study found that 58% of Americans do not have a formal retirement plan in place.¹ Why is even thinking about saving money so daunting to so many of us? We spoke with Dan Ariely, professor of psychology and behavioral economics at […]

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