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sovereign debt crisis


A ‘Grexit’ primer

Greece is once again on the brink of a financial collapse. How will its potential exit from the euro impact the rest of Europe, the global economy and the U.S. presidential election?


Time for the Fed to take over in Europe

With Europe’s deepening debt crisis imperiling the global economy, economist Dean Baker argues that the U.S. Federal Reserve should step in to serve as the lender of last resort for eurozone countries.


‘Debt’ and forgiveness

Anthropologist and author David Graeber tackles the topic du jour in his new book, “Debt: The First 5,000 Years.”


On the origins of the debt-ceiling crisis

Stephen Squibb examines how the GOP successfully recast retirement and healthcare savings as “entitlements,” refused tax increases and now finds itself perched on the edge of its greatest victory.


The year in economy: 5 stories you missed in 2010

From the exclusive banking cabals of Switzerland to the complicated rise of the Chinese consumer, we highlight five important economy stories that got lost in this year’s headlines.


An American in Buenos Aires

Benjamin Kunkel exploded onto the literary scene in 2005 with his debut novel, “Indecision.” Jeanne Park spoke with him in Buenos Aires about his forthcoming projects, the global sovereign debt crisis and his adopted country’s love affair with psychoanalysis.


Five ways of looking at the euro

Predictions and proposals abound as the Greek debt crisis continues to rattle global markets. Here’s what some top economists have to say.

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