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Lost in space? Cuts to NASA threaten innovation, diplomacy

Cuts to NASA threaten innovation and diplomacy, writes Princeton University’s Janet Vertesi.


Photo: The universe, over easy

Sunny side-up is a huge understatement.


Photo: Happy anniversary, Neptune

The first anniversary of Neptune’s discovery by astronomers 165 Earth years ago. The Hubble telescope captured some images to celebrate the occasion.

Photo: Seeing smoke from space

The 93,000 acre wildfire in northern New Mexico is producing a thick funnel of smoke that can clearly be seen from space. An astronaut aboard the International Space Station noticed the large cloud and took this picture, which shows the terrain more clearly than NASA’s satellite photos, the day after the fire began.


Photo: A messenger meets Mercury

Our planetary neighbor gets its portrait taken for the first time from an orbiting spacecraft.


Real astronauts on a virtual Mars

After months of “space flight,” six astronauts are preparing to land on the red planet this Saturday. But this Mars is somewhere in Moscow.


A hot rock and a gas blob make headlines

It was a big week for cosmological discoveries, with an Earth-like planet and a star-making machine keeping astronomers riveted.


Venus, our eccentric sister

This week, Venus will reach its greatest distance from the sun in our sky before beginning its “descent” into what Sumerian myths described as the underworld. Here are five things you need to know about the planet.

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