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  Farewell to “In the Life”

The groundbreaking newsmagazine “In the Life” ends its 20-year broadcast run this month. Watch the final episode above. It’s an illuminating look at the show’s coverage of major issues — and at how much has changed in 20 years. You can still view “In the Life’s” archive online. Find out what In the Life Media […]


Undead men walking

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” proves that zombies and cable TV are a perfect match.


Photo: A real change-up

On this day in 1947, baseball’s Fall Classic saw several firsts.


Television to die for

“The problem is our audience is literally dying. The average age is 55 years old. If we don’t reach the youth market, we’re finished!” said Richard Smith-Jones, who is not a PBS executive.


Vampires, shootouts and sex scenes

Need to Know talks with author Charlaine Harris about her writing habits, her fascination with the supernatural and her personal set of vampire teeth.


Last comic stagnant

Apart from the top-shelf talent, the new season of comedy reality shows is an inelegant mess.

Useful fiction, or some lessons from ’Glee’

Television shows for American teens are ripe with sentimental moments. Over the years I’ve watched plenty of them, and part of the pleasure is being able to discuss the storylines and characters with my teenage patients. Onscreen fictions often provide us with an entry point to conversations that are personal, about relationships, fears, vulnerability and […]

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