The news, by any means necessary

As newsprint gives way to online media, one Japanese daily reverted to an even more old-fashioned publishing approach in a time of crisis: delivering information via pen and paper.


  The crisis in Japan: What it means for nuclear power in the U.S.

Michael Levi, a nuclear expert at the Council on Foreign Relations, discusses the future of nuclear power here and around the world after Japan’s earthquake.


Photo: The toll on Midway

Tsunami waves washed over the Pacific coral atolls, killing perhaps tens of thousands of birds.


A chilling aural portrait of the deadly earthquake near Japan

A sound programmer from Brooklyn produces eerie sound sculptures of the seismic activity from Japan’s devastating earthquake.


Digital tools to track the aftermath of Japan’s tsunami

Google and the crisis-mapping service Ushahidi have launched new platforms that enable users to track information about the tsunami online.

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