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‘The Wire,’ now readable as a Victorian novel

“‘When It’s Not Your Turn’: The Quintessentially Victorian Vision of Ogden’s ‘The Wire’” re-imagines the television show as a serialized Victorian novel written by Horatio Bucklesby Ogden, a fictional contemporary of Dickens.


Vampires, shootouts and sex scenes

Need to Know talks with author Charlaine Harris about her writing habits, her fascination with the supernatural and her personal set of vampire teeth.


‘Mad Men’ recap: The twelve steps of Christmas

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce throws a holiday party for the history books in the latest Broadcastinating.


Idiot boxing

Win Rosenfeld on the potential pitfalls of covering mainstream television for PBS.


Last comic stagnant

Apart from the top-shelf talent, the new season of comedy reality shows is an inelegant mess.


‘Law & Order’: R.I.P

Crime has dropped in New York since the show began, but the murder rate was always up on one of America’s longest-running shows. Need to Know bids farewell.


What makes a successful TV finale?

“Lost” is the latest hit show to the join a rich history of TV-series swan songs. What’s the secret to TV finale success?

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