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The music plays on

As part of NTK’s ongoing collaboration with the VII Photo Agency, we bring you photographer Marcus Bleasdale’s portrait of one remarkable symphony orchestra that’s thriving in Congo’s capital city, Kinshasa.


Lebanon: Conflict in a combustible country

Clashes in northern Lebanon have heightened fears of growing sectarian tensions with Syria. This series of images by VII photographer Stephanie Sinclair showing previous conflicts in Lebanon asks: Is the past the future?


Ready to eat: Scenes from a military meal

In combat, eating is often the only good thing about a day. The menu might feature lamb curry, goulash, kimchi or Skittles, depending on which country you’re from (guess which serves Skittles!). VII photographer Ashley Gilbertson provides a culinary tour of military rations.


The homecoming: An American soldier returns from war

VII photographer Erin Trieb follows one American soldier, Adam Ramsey, on his journey home as he battles Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, suicidal thoughts and recovery.


The consequences of war: A photographer’s perspective

After years of covering the war in Iraq, VII photographer Ashley Gilbertson shares his perspective on the toll that war takes on soldiers, their families, the country and himself as a journalist.


Life without lights: Living in ‘energy poverty’

Across the globe, 1.4 billion people live without electricity. VII photographer Peter DiCampo looks at the problems and solutions of “energy poverty” as he shares stories of life in the dark.


The last book: The story of Poet Laureate Donald Hall

Writer Beth Macy tells the story of former U.S. poet laureate Donald Hall, his life of poetry, loss and creation, and his thoughts on publishing his final book of poems.


Evros: The immigrants’ gateway

VII mentor Giovanni Cocco captures scenes from Evros, a river lying on the border between Greece and Turkey that has become the major gateway for immigrants into the European Union.


A Nigeria divided: Post-election violence

Nigeria’s recent presidential election triggered massive post-election violence in the northern part of the country. VII photographer Benedicte Kurzen brings these photos and videos from the ground.

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