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Stranger than fiction

A recap of five international stories from the past year that read like they were ripped straight out of a John le Carré thriller.


Weapons and WikiLeaks

Among the piles of recently leaked documents are details about the global arms trade that have arms experts worried, writes G. W. Schultz.


  WikiLeaks and climate change

Just as diplomats gathered to draft a new climate change accord, U.S. embassy cables released by WikiLeaks suggested that world leaders were largely pessimistic about the chances for success.


Flare-up between North and South Korea tests U.S., Chinese power

Jon Meacham talks with Charles Armstrong, director of the Center for Korean Research at Columbia University, about the recent flare-up between North and South Korea.


WikiLeaks hurts the cause of transparency

Joshua Foust says that in the wake of Wikileaks, agencies are clamping down on access to information, making it harder to connect the dots.


Daniel Ellsberg: The most dangerous man in America

Need to Know’s Jon Meacham speaks with Daniel Ellsberg about his decision to release the Pentagon Papers, the subject of a new documentary on the PBS series P.O.V.

Friday morning roundup

Security Wikileaks is preparing “biggest leak of military intelligence” ever, Ian Overton of The Bureau of Investigative Journalism told Newsweek. The new documents are primarily “U.S. military field reports related to the Iraq War,” according to Overton, whose London- based non-profit is collaborating with the rogue outlet. Economy In an interview with The Atlantic’s Jeff [...]


The other, other sultry spy

Could the gravest threat to national security be the intelligence community itself…and the male libido?


  Next week’s news: WeekyLeaks edition

In light of this week’s big news — the release of thousands of pages of confidential military documents on the war in Afghanistan — Andy has decided to leak a few secrets of his own.

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