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wind power


Wind industry clamors for tax credit renewal

By Tim McDonnell | October 2, 2012 Jacob Susman is frustrated again. Sitting in the bright green conference room of his company’s trendy industrial office, overshadowed by the Brooklyn Bridge, he’s a clean-cut poster child for the “green economy”: Since 2007, Susman’s OwnEnergy, which installs wind turbines, has grown to be one of the nation’s [...]


A fair wind for clean energy

How can the U.S. match Denmark’s success with wind power, especially offshore? Nicholas Gerry-Bullard reports from a recent fact-finding mission.


Cosa Nostra Verde

Forget drugs and gambling, these days the mafiosi are breaking into the low-carbon energy racket. The Telegraph has an interesting article on crime syndicate infiltration of Europe’s wind energy business. With a nascent regulatory system and large amounts of money flowing through grants, loans and subsidies, the wind industry holds significant attractions for the Mafia. [...]


When bad things happen to good windmills

“Wind turbines spoil the view,” has long been an objection to building wind farms in the East. Now Robert Fri examines some surprising cultural resistance in the West.


  The most powerful environmental law on the books

Need to Know talked with David Skelly, professor of ecology at Yale University about the power of the Endangered Species Act and how fear of its consequences has produced some reluctant conservationists.

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