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Demographics and the millennial vote: Part III

As the presidential contest heads into its final days, Millennials in key battleground states – Ohio, Florida and Virginia particularly – could become a decisive variable in the election’s outcome.


Appealing to the women of Virginia

The Weekly Standard on the battle for women in Virginia.


  Jeff Greenfield on the muddled middle…and the base

As recently as 1976, the Republicans offered a pro-choice candidate–Gerald Ford–and a platform that simply noted widely divergent opinions. By 1980, its candidate–Ronald Reagan–was squarely against abortion, and the platform was to.


  Interview: Elaine Kamarck

Elaine Kamarck is a lecturer in public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She has worked on six democratic presidential campaigns and is the author of “Primary Politics: How Presidential Candidates have Shaped the Modern Nominating System.” Need to Know anchor Jeff Greenfield speaks with Kamarck about why women tend to lean more [...]


  Women’s choice

Three different women speak on how so-called “women’s issues” will affect the outcome in one of the race’s pivotal swing states, Virginia.


Web extra: Virginia’s special swing

Professor Dan Palazzolo on why Virginia is a battleground state unlike any other.


  Jennifer Granholm on getting women into political office

Maria Hinojosa speaks with former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm about persuading women to run for office and the skills that women can bring to the legislative table.


Contraceptives to be available without co-pay in 2013

On Monday, the Department of Health mandated that insurance companies provide full coverage for a broad range of women’s preventative health services, including birth control.


  Justice merely delayed for women of Wal-Mart

Although the Supreme Court dealt a blow to women who say they’ve been systematically discriminated against by Wal-Mart, the women’s claims still have a good chance in court, says legal analyst Jami Floyd.

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