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RIP cap and trade

Last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced that he will not bring a comprehensive climate bill before the Senate this session. A bill, which called for a cap-and-trade policy to regulate carbon emissions, was approved by the House in June 2009 but the measure lost momentum in the Senate. Is this the end of cap-and-trade? Alison Stewart asks New York Times Dot Earth blogger Andrew Revkin to share his reporting on the subject to find out what happened and what might be next.

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  • Bud Roberts

    Par for the course from the slavish, hypocritical and duplicitous people who make up the Congress.

    As the polls seem to indicate, few seem to like them; not that it matters since the great majority of them are not accountable to their electors, they really belong to their election-fund paymasters.

    C’est la vie.

  • D. Nord

    Revkin’s soft and loud talking was very difficult to follow. I even turned him up with my volume control but his inconsistent voice was very frustrating and I wanted to listen to him.

  • Jack

    Cap and Trade is dead you say? To good to be true. You better put a couple extra bullets into it so no one can resurrect it.

  • j.doober

    As I understand it the “Cap” part of cap and trade is handled by the Government and the “Trade” part is left to Private Enterprise..

    This means that the “Trade” part becomes a stock to be traded by the crooks on Wallstreet under the influence of proven criminal corporations..Haven’t we had enough of that..

    I believe that their should be a “Cap” under government control and their should be no possibility of “Trade” only a penalty if companies refuse to comply and no means to transfer this penalty..

    It has been proven that Corporations will do nothing until they are forced to do it by law..

    I think we have had enough of unregulated private enterprise and some parts of the system should be put in the hands of the government..The Neocons would call this Socialism..So be it

    The Neocon form of Capitalism has got us into this mess and I feel it is time for a change..