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A personal note from the corner cubicle

This episode of Need to Know, the first of Season Two, will be the last one I produce.  I’ve been with the program and website since it was an idea waiting to be turned into reality, and it’s been my honor to be its executive producer.  One of the great joys of producing for public broadcasting is that you get to do the kinds of important stories that often are overlooked by commercial television, and you get to share them with an intelligent, informed and committed audience.   We’ve covered the issues of our day through the personal stories of our fellow citizens.  That’s been the signature style of Need to Know, and it will continue to be as the program evolves into a 30-minute, politically focused show.  You’ll see that focus represented here on the website, too.

I’ve loved engaging with those of you who post comments or suggest stories, and I thank you for taking the time to do so.  I’m going to be moving over to a whole new challenge, and leaving the program and website in the very capable hands of Marc Rosenwasser, a friend and colleague for more than 20 years.

Marc was executive producer of “WorldFocus.” He spent 16 years at NBC News as executive editor and senior broadcast producer of “Dateline,” and as executive producer of “Tom Brokaw Reports.” He is a recipient of 23 Emmy Awards, three Columbia-DuPont Awards and a Peabody Award.

So you can see Need to Know is in good hands.  Now all we need is your continued support.

My sincere thanks to all who made my tenure at Need to Know such a wonderful experience.



  • bruce h

    Why are the tax dollars of all American taxpayers subsidizing the broadcast of a PBS program with as consistently a left wing [liberal] political slant as “Need to Know” ? !

    Especially in these most difficult economic times, this is a question that not only ALL [fair minded] American taxpayers and voters should be ”totally fed up !” with, but it’s something which the U.S. Congress should be specifically addressing, to the point of actual conclusive resolution, in the absolutely only truly FAIR way possible, which is simply totally obvious : NO [small, medium, or large amount of] U.S.taxpayer funds have any business whatsoever being spent on either the production or the broadcast of programs with as consistently a one-sided political slant as “Need to Know”.

    I of course have no objection whatsoever, nor should anyone else have any objection whatsoever, to programs like “Need to Know” being produced and then being broadcast, either locally or nationwide, to anyone’s heart content.

    But, producers and broadcast channels for programs like “Need to Know”, the totally obvious fact remains, and is now LOOMING LARGE : The time is long since overdue for you to figure out how to completely PAY YOUR OWN WAY !, and then quickly proceed to DO EXACTLY THAT !, if you wish to keep programs like this one on the air, people !

  • Ron

    Maybe we should hear all views; not just those that are well financed.  Does money necessarily guarantee the best ideas?

  • Anonymous

    Journalists shouldn’t be worried about some false sense of ‘balance,’ but the truth.

    The fact is, corporate media consistently bombard us with their own biases, with little regard for the truth.  They have created an illusion of reasonableness for ideas that have little to back them up.  For example, the idea that our biggest problem is the national debt, and that raising the debt ceiling was controversial, is ridiculous to anyone who has done any study of these issues.  Yet, corporate media allowed the debt ceiling charade to dominate the news for weeks.

    Can’t we have one major news source that doesn’t depend on corporate cash for its existence?

  • Altsv7

    This will be my last Need to Know to watch. Always an inferior show but at times informative to Bill Moyers Now, it’s definitely not worth my time now. I hear Bill is returning to the airwaves. I can hardly wait.

  • Gene goes Green

    My wife and I are unhappy with what you are doing to NEED TO KNOW. We really liked the co-hosts, Alison Stewart and Jon Meacham. Changing to a half hour format was a terrible idea, and apparently pushed Ms Stewart to leave. Tonight we watched a half-hour show on the issue of nuclear power. Maria Hinojosa is an excellent reporter, but to attempt to discuss this complex issue in a half hour is ridiculous. It certainly needs more thorough public discussion, and more than 25 minutes.