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The other alternate reality of ‘Back to the Future’

This month marks the 25th anniversary of  Robert Zemeckis’ classic film, Back to the Future.

Much of the movie’s success can be attributed to the way it expertly straddled the genres of science fiction and comedy, while somehow managing to simultaneously operate as a true coming-of-age tale. In a way, it’s a movie that has it all: romance, high-speed chases, a perfectly despicable bad guy and, of course, a plutonium-fueled Delorean that travels through time!

But Back to the Future probably wouldn’t have any of its … ahem … timelessness if it weren’t for its cast of iconic characters. As the crazy-eyed Doc Brown, Christopher Lloyd remolds the essence of “mad scientist” into something remarkably lovable. Crispin Glover’s woefully emasculated George is impossible not to root for as he stumbles toward self-actualization with a little help from his perplexed son from the future. But the center of the piece is undoubtedly Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox. Fox brings a perfect mix of bravery, empathy and teen angst to the role that made him into a movie star.

But it turns out that Fox wasn’t Zemeckis’ first choice. In fact, the director shot five weeks with Eric “Get the shot!” Stoltz before changing gears and recasting the role with Fox. For the release of the 25th anniversary DVD, the producers included some of that never-seen-before footage:

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  • DjTempo

    Win… noting the error in your first paragraph… the Delorean wasn’t powered by Plutonium, it was powered by… garbage. They were thinking “green” even back in the 80′s.

    Have you actually seen the movie???

  • DjTempo3345

    I stand corrected… in the later versions it was powered by “garbage”. I was sitting here contemplating the plot and just remembered he had stolen the plutonium from the middle-eastern terrorists.

  • Rems

    DjTempo3345, if it had been powered by garbage in the first movie, there wouldn’t have been much of a movie.

  • Win

    In the sequel, Doc garbage-powered the Delorean by integrating technology from the DISTANT FUTURE of 2015. But even crazier — in an unexpected twist, the problem in the second sequel wasn’t powering the flux capacitor, but starting the plain-old combustion engine in the car to get it up to 88 miles per hour. So even though the Mr. Fusion conversion module was working perfectly well, they need to push the car by locomotive to travel back to the future! (Yeah, I’ve seen it.)