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Building a sneakier robot

If robots weren’t annoying enough already with their beeping and clanging and general lack of empathy, now two scientists from Georgia Tech are teaching them how to be liars too.

The experiment, published last week in The International Journal of Social Robotics, endeavored to see if two machines, Hider and Seeker, could psych each other out by leaving fake trails for one another.  While we’re still a long way from a machine that’s sneaky enough to feign regret like HAL 9000, the research marks a significant step forward in the science of teaching artificial intelligence to use deception.

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    A talk on the dark side
    Three American astronomers specializing in dark energy were awarded the Nobel Prize in physics this week. Win Rosenfeld talks to Brian Greene about why dark energy has been a top priority for the astrophysics community in recent years.
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    Watson wins. Now will he take over the world?
    Stephen Baker, author of a book on Watson's Jeopardy performance, explains how the machine works and why we're not all doomed.
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    A hot rock and a gas blob
    It was a big week for cosmological discoveries, with an Earth-like planet and a star-making machine keeping astronomers riveted.