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Case against Colombian paramilitaries shrouded in secrecy

Our friends at Wide Angle have partnered with ProPublica to investigate the secrecy surrounding U.S. federal drug cases against Colombian paramilitary leaders. They’ve found that more than a dozen of the country’s most notorious paramilitary leaders have been extradited to the U.S. to face drug trafficking charges — and access to the cases has been blocked, so there’s no way for the victims (or anyone) to know that justice is being served. Prosecutors say the cases were probably sealed to protect the safety of the paramilitaries, who are cooperating with U.S. drug enforcement authorities. But the secrecy means that the truth about two decades worth of brutality might not ever be exposed.

Read the full article by Wide Angle’s Oriana Zill and Jennifer Janisch and ProPublica’s Chisun Lee in the Washington Post.

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