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Climate law gets thumbs up in California

In a report last week, we explored the battle in California over the state’s landmark greenhouse gas law. The outcome? Yesterday, voters defeated Proposition 23 with more than 60 percent of the vote, delivering a decisive victory for those who feel the law will benefit the state’s clean energy economy, clean air and climate policy.

In a statement released yesterday ahead of the vote, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger used San Francisco’s first World Series title against Texas to encourage Californians to vote against the proposition that would have suspended the state’s greenhouse gas emissions law, AB 32. “The San Francisco Giants defeated the Texas Rangers tonight, just like California voters are going to defeat the attempts of dirty Texas oil companies to undo our clean energy laws at the polls tomorrow.”

The proposition received opposition from both parties. Moderate and liberal Republicans came together to vote no, according to the “No on 23” campaign. Last night the Los Angeles Times reported that, according to tracking polls, 46% moderate and liberal Republicans said they were in favor and 33% said they were opposed to the ballot initiative, and a third of Republican women said they were voting no on Prop 23.

“It’s significant in that it shows that this was not a solid party line vote like it is in Washington, D.C.,” Steve Maviglio, a spokesman for the No campaign told the Los Angeles Times. “The new coalition for clean energy is broad and bipartisan.”

“In the midst of a major economic downturn, and with a barrage of fear mongering and scare tactics, voters still said they want a clean energy future,” said Tom Steyer, co-chairman of the No on 23 campaign, in a statement reported by the Times. He also said that because voters rejected a proposition touted by supporters as “California Job’s Initiative,” the majority of Californians understand that going green also brings the state opportunity for a green workforce.


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