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A different view of President Clinton’s speech at the DNC


A word cloud of President Bill Clinton's prepared remarks for the crowd at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. (Graphic by Elisabeth Ponsot via

What is your reaction to President Clinton’s speech at the DNC? Did you find his arguments for President Barack Obama re-election compelling? Or, were you more swayed by the Republican message in Tampa?

Watch the video of his speech and share your views in the comments below.

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  • Geoffrey Chambers

    It was probably the most amazing convention speech I’ve ever heard – both for content and style - and certainly the best at either convention this year. But to kick that up a notch, consider the warm-up acts, Sarah Fluke and Elizabeth Warren, both of whom did a masterful job, while also providing a marked contrast with the humdrum lineup in Tampa last week. For any Dem who might have had their doubts about the president or was feeling down about his prospects, by the time Clinton wrapped his address, it was 2008 all over again. That’s important – energizing the troops - but of greater significance was the message, a story the media (including PBS and NPR) have ignored and as a result, independents have yet hear.

    As Clinton told it, Obama has been the target of the most concerted hate campaign ever directed against an American president. No president has ever been saddled with as difficult a set of problems and at the same had to fight off efforts specifically aimed at ensuring his failure. Despite that, we now have universal health care, an end to the war in Iraq, a winning position in the war against terrorism and an economy that not only didn’t fall off a cliff but one that is slowly but surely improving. Obama did all that on his own, and that’s the message Clinton delivered to Democrats and independents alike last night.

  • Marilyn

    Loved President Clinton’s speech. He is personally persuasive, straightforward, and personable. Very intelligent man. The energy at the convention was fabulous. So exciting for attendees that translated across the wires.