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Florida’s Hispanic vote

This week, Need to Know’s report Yo Decido shows how the hotly-contested Hispanic vote in Florida is far from a monolith — one size appeal will not fit all. The Pew Hispanic Center‘s figures help us illustrate just how diverse the Florida Latino vote is:

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    Anti-Islam rhetoric in politics
    The Norway bomber threw a spotlight on anti-Islam bloggers and activists. Here in the U.S., their rhetoric has influenced mainstream political discourse.
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    Obama calls for debt compromise
    A "grand bargain" would seem impossible at this point, but Obama is still pushing for one. Lawmakers in both parties meanwhile, planned votes on their rival debt plans.
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    New gay marriage push in Maryland
    Martin O'Malley said he would campaign more aggressively for the measure after taking a back seat earlier this year. The fight could come just as the 2012 election beings in earnest.


  • Margaret Sullivan

    I just watched a program on your network showing a Latina woman claiming NOT to follow the issues, but will vote for Obama because her child doesn’t want to be brown, but white. I thought I would share that MY son doesn’t want to be white, but hispanic! He feels that he is outnumbered and threatened by those of other ethnicities, even though he has been taught to judge a person by his character, not his skin color. His two best friends are African-American and Puerto Rican. This issue begs to ask, who is a racist here? My child has friends of all races and religions because I taught him love and tolerance. I don’t see this as a valid reason to vote for someone just because of the way he looks. It is an unfair view point, and I’m appalled that you broadcast this woman’s ignorance. Mitt Romney will provide much more for the Latino community than Obama will. Obama has had 4 years to make a difference, and has only made things worse. Shame on this close minded, uninformed woman, and on PBS for broadcasting her ignorant views.

  • lgfromillinois

    I understood this woman as wanting to inspire her daughter to accept herself and be proud of her heritage. I assumed she has found in Mr. Obama areas of agreement beyond skin color, and she is not voting in ignorance. You have assumed otherwise. The program did not explore her motivations further, so we have no basis for a conclusion. I find your comment presumptous.

  • eddie p.

    I live in NW Florida I am a Civil Service employee for the Department of the Air Force I am American of Mexican decent my mom was born in Calfornia. It is amazing how many non hispanic Americans believe that the illegal farm worker is the problem they are taking away good Amercian jobs…I have no intentions of working the fields or having my children nor grandchildren in the fields. Face it there are some jobs we as Americans have chosen never to do. I am proud to be an American, I am proud to have the right to vote but at the end of the day I am judged by the color of my skin it does not change who I am nor what I do. I believe in America…please Vote.

  • Ken Little


    I’m curious how you know Mitt will provide more for the Latino community that Obama will. What research are your using to inform your perspective?

    Also, based on the extraordinarily short exposure to this woman’s views, how did you come to the conclusion that she is closed-minded and uninformed? Is there more information about her that I am missing or did you jump to conclusions based on limited data?

    As a side note: it’s pretty normal for children to question and consider appearance and identity, etc. Many children with curly hair want straight hair, brown or red headed kids may want blonde, short wants tall, some tall want shorter, red iPods want white iPods, etc. Children are just scanning their world and trying to figure stuff out. Many adults do the same thing. It sounds like you are on the right track in helping your child think through which attributes are more important and which are less important.

  • Ken Little

    There is nothing wrong with working in the fields. It’s an honest living and makes food available to the rest of us who 1) would never consider doing this type of work, and 2) have absolutely no intention of paying a the amount for food that is necessary in order to make field work a viable living.

  • Diane

    Getting rid of the ethnic-related classes was the smartest thing that has happened in Tucson. Since when is preaching that Republicans HATE Hispanics part of an educational program. And where are the German-, Chinese-, Norwegian-, Italian-, Irish-… etc. American ethnic classes? Where are the Women’s contribution classes? Where is it written than an entire educational program should be revised because one loud-mouthed kid says she was “saved” by the bigotry taught in her class by a fellow bigot? The Columbia educator at the end of the program had it right. History should incorporate contributions and actions by all Americans. Each ethnic-American – and I hate that term – should hear the entire story, not just one that patronizes their own ethnicity. And above all, these “ethnic-Americans” should be taught that, if they are American citizens, they are Americans, not hyphenated-Americans!