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Friday morning roundup


Wikileaks is preparing “biggest leak of military intelligence” ever, Ian Overton of The Bureau of Investigative Journalism told Newsweek. The new documents are primarily “U.S. military field reports related to the Iraq War,” according to Overton, whose London- based non-profit is collaborating with the rogue outlet.


In an interview with The Atlantic’s Jeff Goldberg, Fidel Castro, the steadfast leader of his country’s communist revolution, seems to have admitted that the Cuban economic model isn’t working. The New York Times’ Robert Mackey dug up this 1998 Simpons clip which foretold the scenario:

Environment offers a two-part roundup of climate-change deniers running for House, Senate or governor in the midterm elections, from Wisconsin’s GOP candidate for Senate, Ron Johnson, who says “it’s not proven by any stretch of the imagination” to Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate, Mary Fallin, who thinks global warming is caused by nuclear attacks.


With Rosh Hashana and Eid al Fitr converging, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez praising Jews, Barack Obama and Sarah Palin agreeing that Quran burning is wrong, and Pastor/cult leader Terry Jones calling off his media stunt, should we all be preparing for the second coming? Not quite. An Afghan civilian was killed while protesting the book burning on Friday, even after the event was suspended.


The stem cell financing ban is on hold (and therefore, $78 million can be handed out to researchers) while an appeals court reconsiders the issue.