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Friday morning roundup


Tensions between the U.S. and Pakistan continued to rise on Friday after 10 gunmen in the Pakistani town of Shikarpur shot and torched a convoy of more than 30 NATO vehicles carrying fuel and supplies for coalition forces in Afghanistan. The attack came as Pakistani officials closed off a crucial supply route through northwest Pakistan after U.S. air strikes in the region allegedly killed three Pakistani soldiers. [AP, The Washington Post]


President Obama’s combative and ruthlessly savvy chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, is set to leave the White House on Friday to run for mayor of Chicago. As a parting gift, White House aides gave Emanuel a dead fish — a reference to Emanuel’s past as a brash Democratic operative. Obama has reportedly chosen senior adviser Pete Rouse to replace Emanuel, and Rouse’s managerial style could not be more different. Rouse is genteel, soft-spoken and a cat lover. [ABC News, CNN]


Friday marks the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and doctors say the prospects for survival after diagnosis have improved dramatically over the 26 years since the month was first inaugurated. Still, more than 191,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, the latest statistics available, and more than 40,000 died. Need to Know’s Dr. Emily Senay is taking questions this week on mammograms, and we’ll  be featuring a report tonight on the subject. [CBS News]


Yet another Tour de France champion has  been accused of blood doping. This time, the 2010 winner, Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador, has denied the accusations, and is mounting an unusual defense: Contador says he ate contaminated steak. Doctors say it’s possible that a small amount of the drug can get into your system through tainted food, but given the sport’s track record, not many people are inclined to believe Contador’s denials. [Yahoo! News]


Thursday ended with the strongest September rally Wall Street has seen in 71 years, but traders struggled to sustain that momentum into October. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dipped on Friday after reports indicated new sluggishness in the manufacturing sector. Investors were buoyed, though, by new reports that showed personal income and spending levels in the U.S. rising slightly. [CNN Money, MarketWatch, TheStreet]