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From the ashes, a call to heed climate change

Hani Ahmad expected to return. Instead, the Waldo Canyon Fire reduced his home of two decades to a hole in the ground. The only recognizable remnant was a melted hunk of stove. While the family rounded the corner for the first time in their car, Hani’s daughter captured the horror on her cell phone. The family agreed to share the footage with Climate Desk, offering an exclusive look into the heart of the destruction.

Hani is searching for answers in the ashes. Built-up fuel, high winds, and the proximity of houses to the forest all play a role, he says. But eating away at his thoughts is the nagging idea that climate change made it worse.

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    Poisoning the well
    Federal officials have given energy and mining companies permission to pollute aquifers in more than 1,500 places across the country.
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    Residents face voting hurdles
    Some 300 New Jersey polling places were shut down or moved, creating a logistical nightmare for election planners and a headache for voters.
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    Obama, Romney send in answers to 'Science Debate'
    President Obama has assembled the most scientifically accomplished administration since the time of the founding fathers.


  • Brent Oh

    It’s a tragedy. God. Give them peace. Amen.

  • discountbrains

    NATURE IS NOT GOING TO DEBATE THE ISSUE WITH YOU. I just looked at the recent temperatures of where I grew up. Temperatures like that were unimaginable when I lived there. I can’t say for certain we are having climate change, but I’m a big believer in being proactive. The hottest years on record have all been in the last decade. Just wait til next year. Weather is a random event so maybe next year will be within norms. Wait and see what the following year brings. Most of the West could burst into flames and wait until people start running out of food and are starving before you do anything! We have more urgent issues than military ventures elsewhere and making the World safe for Israel! We need to mobilize construction of solar power everywhere we can and the production of biochar (look it up) for sequestration of CO2!