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Julian Assange: hacker, transparency advocate, horrible houseguest

Julian Assange doesn’t seem to have many friends left. The elusive founder of WikiLeaks is facing extradition to Sweden for alleged sexual assault and a criminal investigation by the U.S. government for disclosing classified information. Even some of his former associates seem to have disowned him.

Now Assange is being accused of crimes of a more personal nature: He stole someone’s pasta.

Allison Silverman, former head writer for “The Colbert Report,” had friends who allowed Assange to crash with them for a few days — and they were less than impressed with his manners. Silverman interviewed the friends and filmed a reenactment of Assange’s stay. According to the account, Assange turned out to be a horror of a houseguest.

“He wasn’t the kind of person who was very aware of other people’s needs,” one of the friends says in the video. Among his many offenses, they add, Assange stole food from the refrigerator, filled their laptop’s hard drive, brought a female companion home to stay the night, and generally overstayed his welcome.

Oh, and also: “Something about bringing in rotted fruit.”

[Splitsider via Daily Intel]

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  • Anonymous


  • Zedman2k

    “Now Assange is being accused of crimes of a more personal nature: He stole someone’s pasta.”

    I see all of what, 100 words and nothing on this just more junk.

    Note for all, move your blog up on google by using “Juliin Asssange” (no I will not add to your key words) and make stuff up.

    People who Stumble this with a ‘I like it’ are just as bad, unless you just like junk blogs

  • Anonymous

    jesus, man, did you notice the video?! there’s nothing being made up here, there’s a funny video and there’s 100+ words to set it up.

  • NPRguy261

    Seriously, Zedman, haven’t you ever read a blog before? This is a funny video and a hilarious headline.

    I’m not a regular reader of Need to Know, but from what I can tell, they have tons of serious stories on Bahrain, Libya, Chernobly, Egypt, Japan and climate change. Once in a while they can post a funny video.

    I love it. I’m going to keep reading.

  • Anonymous

    Julian Assange has plenty of friends and admirers left, unlike the propagandists at NPR, who find that the government hand they constantly lick is now striking them. I think they are just jealous of his integrity, his courage, his effectiveness. Do you have to ponder for even a second – who would you rather have as a houseguest, Julian Assange or Scott Simon / Cokie Roberts / Leann Hanson / etc? Kind of a no brainer, innit?