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The Daily Need

Monday afternoon roundup


The Vatican Apostolic Library is reopening this month after an extensive renovation and a slew of new security measures. The changes, which were implemented in part because of the attempted theft of a 14th-century document in 1996, include the outfitting of all 70,000 books with computer chips.


The Obama administration is reportedly preparing to present the details of a $60 billion arms deal to Saudi Arabia. The package, which includes state-of-the-art fighter jets and military helicopters, is intended to do double duty as a job creator, and a means of strengthening Arab support for the U.S. against Iran.


In a setback for pharmaceutical giant Roche, trials for their experimental diabetes drug have been suspended due to adverse effects on users.  The treatment, taspoglutide, was causing “gastrointestinal intolerability” in too many patients.  The company is “considering a reformulation” of the drug in the future.


A new study released last week from the International Livestock Research Institute indicates that altering the diet of livestock can result in less severe climate change.   The study asserts that one-fifth of the planet’s greenhouse gas emissions comes from bovine biliousness.


Today the Montana Economic Development Summit started on a cheery note when Warren Buffet and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer both asserted that the world economy is about to turn around.  Both men citing technology as being the engine that will push things forward in the months to come.