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Photo: Eat your heart out, times 3.14

March 14 is National Pi Day. As Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, approximately 3.14, it HAS to be on 3/14, doesn't it? In 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives said so in a non-binding resolution. Photo and chef: Dennis Wilkinson/Flickr

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    Reunited after the explosions
    An unidentified Boston Marathon runner, center, is reunited with loved ones near Copley Square.
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    Obama boards the Rosa Parks bus
    President Barack Obama sits on the famed Rosa Parks bus at the Henry Ford Museum.
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    Puppet theater
    After disappointing results in the Mississippi and Alabama primaries this week, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich vowed that his campaign would continue.


  • Joseph Evans

    I’ll celebrate Pi Day with him any time!

  • Ljhuston3

    Strictly speaking, I think pi is the relationship between a circle’s circumference and its radius, not its diameter. Since there’s a relationship between a circle’s radius and its diameter (a factor of 2), I suppose there’s little harm done.

  • Mkleinf

    No, the article is correct. Pi is the ratio of the circumference to the diameter.

  • Undercover Brother

    3/14 is Kelly Jo day!!!

  • Aptemlu

    Pie are not squared, Pie are round 3.1415926535

  • ana

    I’m not here to argue with the facts. I would like to have opportunity to get a piece of those pies :D

  • mlaross

    Hats off to chef, I, too, would like a slice of pi.