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Photo: Hoofing it in Pamplona

Bulls run the streets of Pamplona, Spain, to help ring in the San Fermin festival. Photo: AP Photo/Alvaro Barrientos

The San Fermin festival kicked off in Pamplona, Spain, this week to honor Saint Fermin — co-patron saint of the northern Navarra province of which Pamplona is the capital city. Besides street parties and religious ceremonies, the Running of the Bulls forms part of the celebrations. Known as the “encierro,” or enclosure, this week-long bull run also serves a practical purpose: getting the bulls from their corral into the bullring for an evening “corrida,” or bullfight. The bulls run behind thrill-seeking forerunners, but sometimes they can fall while turning corners. The final encierro of the festival will take place on the morning of July 14.

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    Behind the numbers
    Just who are the Latino voters in Florida?
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    Anti-Islam rhetoric in politics
    The Norway bomber threw a spotlight on anti-Islam bloggers and activists. Here in the U.S., their rhetoric has influenced mainstream political discourse.
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    Obama calls for debt compromise
    A "grand bargain" would seem impossible at this point, but Obama is still pushing for one. Lawmakers in both parties meanwhile, planned votes on their rival debt plans.