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Photo: Seeing smoke from space

Photo: NASA

The 93,000 acre wildfire in northern New Mexico is producing a thick funnel of smoke that can clearly be seen from space.  An astronaut aboard the International Space Station noticed the large cloud and took this picture, which shows the terrain more clearly than NASA’s satellite photos, the day after the fire began. The space station was 235 miles high at the time.

Though the fire is near the Los Alamos National Laboratory, which works with nuclear materials and other defense technology, it has not approached the facility or its storage units.  The fire continues to spread rapidly, consuming dry trees near the Santa Fe National Forest, which add to the broad plume of smoke.

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  • Nmrecovery

    Yeah, you should see it from 5 miles as the crow flies . . .

  • Randy Perkins

    this is an amazing photo.

  • Randy Perkins

    this is an amazing photo.

  • Thereislightonthehorizon

    So why is there NO mention of how Los Alamos is packing and moving it’s most hazardous items??  Or are we to assume that all is still on site?

  • Sandra L Mort

    I’ve never seen anything like this. Makes me wonder what Mt. St. Helens would have looked like up there.

  • spirulina

    Wow. Quite scary.