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Photo: The love boat, for giraffes

Endangered Rothschild giraffes are relocated to Kenya's Ruko Game Conservancy by barge, making this the first attempt in Kenya to carry giraffes across water, on February 9, 2011. Photo: AP/Samatian Island Lodge

Four female and four male Rothschild giraffes were ferried by barge to an island reserve in Kenya’s Lake Baringo earlier this week. Conservation leaders at the Northern Rangelands Trust hope they will reproduce in their new home at the Ruko Game Conservancy, as Rothschild giraffes (also known as Baringo giraffes) are endangered, with only a few hundred remaining in the wild.

A unique and interesting characteristic of the Rothschild giraffe is that it has five horns on it’s head — two on top, one in the center of the forehead and two more behind the ears. If the animals do indeed thrive on the island, more may be taken there, creating a kind of singles resort for giraffes!

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    Wow, woulnd’t the animals panic with all the commotion? Very interesting photo.