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The Daily Need

Photo: The new Florida keys

Photo: AP/Wilfredo Lee

A grand piano has mysteriously appeared on a sandbar about a half mile from shore in Miami’s Biscayne Bay. Exactly how or why someone would haul a 650-pound piano out there is not known. Biscayne Bay is where salt water from the sea mixes with freshwater from the land, serving as a nursery to young marine life. Dumping anything in that area is illegal and violators are subject to arrest.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has no plans to remove the piano. Having decided that it poses no threat to wildlife or boaters, they will let the salty sea water and air do what they will with the instrument.

If you had the chance to tickle its keys, which song would you play?

UPDATED | Thursday, Jan. 27

Mystery solved, and you can read about it here. But the answer is not as interesting as the question.

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  • KathleenRileyDaniels

    Wonder if anyone stops by to play it — or even better if the wildlife play it when no one is looking.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, it is kinda cool.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, it is kinda cool.

  • Purityofessence

    Cool, why not?

  • cynical simon

    its so the fish can practice their scales

  • postmanpat

    what a waste of a grand piano… pretty cool though.

  • Dbutler3747

    If the wildlife officers can be concerned about fishing wire then why have they not taken into consideration the damage the Piano wires alone can do if left to float around, the damage they can do to boats & especially the wildlife, This is ABSURD, remove it!

  • Kathy

    This was not what I consider a “need to know” sort of thing. It’s also really disrespectful to the piano. Couldn’t it be reclaimed and donated to a community center or something. It seems like a waste.

  • chaz


  • chaz


  • Hartmannp

    I’d Play EbbTide…

  • Weiss, Jonathan

    Hmmm… that’s a hard one, but it would be in the key of C for sure!

  • Shutup

    oh shut up and just enjoy the joke

  • D. Crow

    Ignorance drips from your lips!

  • Andrew

    Its a beautiful ‘idea’ …would make for a GREAT music video. But it does both pose a hazard to wildlife (eventually) and is a shame to let it go to waste (the salt is going to destroy it)
    -but truly poetic

  • Jack

    Posted for nearly an hour and not ONE reference to “The Piano”?
    Shame, fellow “Need to Know” fans! : )

  • S_pamh8r

    Play some sea shanty on a bar that never closes, all it needs is mermaids serving margaritas.

  • Keygirlus

    Who knows, it could be some hurricane refuse come to rest.

  • Fintusk

    dont you think the cost to recover and fix shouldnt be the tax payers job???? Someone who thinks it should be moved should get a boat and move it.

  • Gwenlikeschat

    If I only knew how to play. Where would be a better place to do so then there! Id love to play a beautiful peaceful song in the middle of the bay

  • Writeguzziguy

    Le Piano englouti (The Sunkem Piano), a pastiche in tribute to Debussy.

  • MIMI of 2

    I would play “Last Date” if I could play.

  • Bivalve88

    I’d play “The Piano’s Been Drinking” by Tom Waits…

  • Notnotjunk

    The sharks think it sounds sharp, whilst the flounders find it a bit flat.

  • Lostlogo

    leaving it there poses no threat? What about all the metal and wires inside that animals can get wrapped up in once the “salt water and wind to their thing”. And its not “kinda cool”, It’s still litter, and worse than any bottle or lawn chair. What’s wrong with people..?

  • No

    piano wire isn’t really flexible, so i would agree that it really doesn’t pose any threat. and i’d play bobby darin’s “beyond the sea” =]

  • Vlgriff61

    Just followed your link…excellent reference it looks like! I missed this film, but will look for it soon!

  • buckets

    “Island of Lost Souls” by Blondie

  • Eddyhop

    hmmm. the bachelor’s next “romantic, exotic date” ?

  • Cajanasiak

    That’s just awesome! Finally, someone with some creativity doing something interesting, thought provoking, and harmless. LOVE THAT!

  • Lickmyarm92090

    Piano Man, by Billy Joel.

  • Mikefigielde

    “Watermark” by Enya ;-)

  • No

    The Spirit Caries On-Dream Theater…must be played

  • Karen Panasuk

    I would play “no man is an island, no man stands alone.” Actually, I enjoy the whole idea of the piano being there . It’s unique, and we need more of those things in this world of stress today.

  • RSaams1

    gotta’ play moon over miami. i left fl in 72, have they restricted boat s from being in the bay, if the piano can float, wouldn’t it put alittle ding in somebodys bow ? my dad had 2 grands in hialeah, and putting one to se wasn’t ever something i’de ever thought about. hialeah high school, class of 66. what happenned to class of 64/65 ?

  • Kellywilliams Tn

    La Mer

  • Kackierose

    Now that’s clever… and it would be better if someone was playing it…. Is this part of a Divorce?

  • Wanda Lively

    Under the Sea (Disney: Little Mermaid)

  • ksmms

    A piano walks into a barge and says…

  • thtsrite

    Someone should be charged with littering.

  • Aimee

    The piano deserves better.

  • thered46

    The piano is real. is the Rock River Monster! on youtube real?

  • Bmerishen

    I will have a black and white

  • Bmerishen

    Not to Aimee but to ksmms