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Photo: Wardrobe malfunction or costume change?

A boy skateboards in front of the World War II Soviet Army monument in Sofia, Bulgaria, on Friday. The monument had been painted overnight by an unknown artist to look like Superman, Santa Claus, Ronald McDonald and others. The graffiti below them reads: "Moving with the times". Photo: AP/Oleg Popov

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    Reunited after the explosions
    An unidentified Boston Marathon runner, center, is reunited with loved ones near Copley Square.
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    Obama boards the Rosa Parks bus
    President Barack Obama sits on the famed Rosa Parks bus at the Henry Ford Museum.
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    Puppet theater
    After disappointing results in the Mississippi and Alabama primaries this week, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich vowed that his campaign would continue.


  • JK

    AWESOME!  By the title I thought nude statues were getting fig leaves.  My fears have been abated. 

  • Tim Thompson

    I like it.

  • Dawn Vassar

    This monument remains:  men struggling with each other.

  • Mjkipps

    IN one night without being caught?  Sure it isn’t photoshopped?

  • Ojenocide

    AP photos are not “photoshopped”  Seriously.  There is a such thing a journalistic integrity.   The work most certainly could have been done solo in one night, maybe even in a couple of hours with the assistance of a crew.  Regardless, It defaces a historic monument so it should be frowned upon but it really is a bold artistic statement that I also admire.

  • Impulse13

    Regarding the suggestion that this image was shopped, there are other shots of the statue in circulation.

  • Jami Smart Ervin

    Interesting they all seem to be American “heroes”

  • Tim

    I like it too.  I recognize all but two (the all yellow and blue&yellow figures at the front.  One that I do recognize is no hero though, The Joker. And no Batman, but Robin is represented.  :D

  • ds50

    It is disrespectful to the memories of the brave soldiers symbolized by the monument.

  • Remholzer

    I think the yellow and blue one is Wolverine….

  • Rootmedia

    This art symbolizes the massive influence of American culture on the former Soviet country. The takeover of the U.S. and Capitalism.

  • MG

    Brilliant Commentary on our commercialization of the Military Industrial Complex .. and considering who is propagating profiteering on this sector of industry.. appropriate choice of “Heroes”

    to those of you who believe this is disrespectful.. which is more disrespectful.. painting a monument.. or sending kids off to die for your corporate bottom line

  • Cyndiv

    I completely respect your point.  You are right on.  I, myself,  am conflicted about this…. I have in recent years gained a deep compassion for those WW2 soldiers and the immense suffering they endured – to our benefit!  One of my life purposes is to tell what I know of their story so that what they did will never be forgotten nor belittled.  What they did was no less than heroic. They deserve our undying gratitude.  Now, the military industrial complex can be thrown in the toilet for all I care.  I can hold both positions simultaneously.  I guess I would ask how a veteran of that war feels when he sees this…is he hurt? or does he “get it”?  Maybe both.  My WW2 veteran father might see it both ways.  Thanks for your post.

  • TAJ

    Veteran, thank you for your service. But what did you fight for? So people would be free to express themselves.

  • Colin

    10 million Soviet soldiers were killed fighting the fascists in WWII. No other country in the history of the world has paid a higher price. Bulgaria initially remained neutral, then joined the Axis in 1941,only to change sides when the tide had turned drammatically with the Soviet Westward advance and the success of the D-Day landings in August of 1944. Most convenient! Fewer Bulgarians were killed in WWII than any other European country save for Switzerland. This did not mean that the Bulgarians were not responsible for actively deporting Greek Jews to Nazi death camps. Denigrating the heroism and sacrifice of the Soviet soldiers is revolting. The fact that this was done in Bulgaria should make the word ask itself “What exactlty were the Bulgarians up to in WWII and how did they emerge from the costliest war in human history virtually unscathed?” For shame!

  • SAHomey

    Seems like everyone is forgetting the period of time that Bulgaria was under the thumb of the Soviet Union…They had such a great choice back in the old days…Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.  While this is a WWII memorial, post-WWII was no bed of roses for many of the countries that the Soviets “liberated.” 

  • Colin

    Being wedged between The USSR and Nazi Germany was obviously no enviable place to be. That said, given the actions of the Bulgarian Fascists between 1941 and 1944 in which they activeky collaborated with the SS in deporting Greek and Balkan Jews to death camps, I have exactly zero sympathy for the country, and being a Soviet puppet for 45 years is hardly comporable to the enourmous sacrifices made by other nations that found themselves in situations similar to that of Bulgaria. Greece and Yugoslavia heroically held out against the Nazis, their tenacity (actually stalling Barbarosa and helping to contribute to ultimate Nazi defeat in Russia) cost them dearly. They fought and died. The Bulgarians changed sides as the tides turned. I shed no tears for the people of Bulgaria save for those who brought about the fall of the Nazi puppet govt. in 44.

  • Kim Garren

    Pure bad-ass! Love it. :)

  • Anna

    Actually the Bulgarians didn’t deport any jews to death camps during WWII.  Where did you get your shady history lesson?

  • Mary

    So your contempt for Bulgarians outlives the collaborators? Is it also infant Bulgarians? Toddler Bulgarians? Teens? Gen-XYZ?  Where does it end?

  • Anonymous

    Whose corporate bottom?

  • mart

    Oh really? Actively collaborated in deporting Jews? Perhaps you should go back to your history books. Bulgaria is the only country where people stood up and saved ALL jews from deportation and certain death.
    Do your reading first before you make yourself look like a fool.
    As for Bulgaria – who was better Soviets or Nazis? Bulgaria had no choice but to go with it’s own interests and that of the populace. Under the Soviets Bulgarians AND Jewsish Bulgarians fared much worse.

  • mart

    Let me guess – you are one of those brainwashed chauvinistic greeks that chooses to read history books from any source that is convenient to your own agenda.

  • mart

    Yes, and in this respect it’s kind of sad. First it was  communism pushed down our throats, now it’s the vapid american pop-culture.

  • Colin

    While it is true that the Jews of Bulgaria proper, numbering close to 50,000 were saved by the Bulgarian people, close to 15,000 Jews from those areas that Bulgaria came to occupy in neighboring Balkan lands (N. Greece, Macedonia) were rounded up by Bulgarian fascists and sent to their deaths at Nazi concentration camps. So, I am the fool b/c I choose to look at those thousands of Jews whom the Bulgarians did murder and no those whom they did not. What a distinction! “We saved all our Jews. We only murdered those in countries we came to occupy”

  • KS

    Screw the symbolysm, punish the guy/girl for damaging public property!

  • DarNamell

    The thing to remember is that most of these monuments to the Red Army were put up BY the Soviets in their satellite nations. This isn’t like defacing the Washington Monument by any stretch. Look at the problems the Baltic nations have had trying to get rid of statues to soldiers they did not want in their countries in the first place.

    With that in mind, this might be against the law, but certainly not against popular opinion in many of these nations.

  • Euan

    The all-yellow one is probably The Mask – the face looks to be a weak green.

  • Pavlin Delchev

    hmmm – I assume your are a dear balkan neighbor of ours? How do you see BG negotiating with Nazi Germany?!? Still we have saved pur Jews from the camps and it is a thing to be proud of. Then 35 000 bulgarian died while fighting Germany (my grand grand father walked almost to Vienna). The only reason Bulgaria joins Germany is to get back the territory stolen in the Balkan wars and I think it was the right thing.

  • SK

    I think most of the comments here must have
    been written by people who have never seen the monument. This monument was created
    to tell Bulgarians that they were liberated by the Russian army from capitalism
    and fascism, and that the socialist revolution was made with the help of the Russian
    army. From this side of the monument we see Russian soldiers and Bulgarian partisans
    fighting together. Other images show how happy Bulgarian women and children
    were welcoming the Russian soldiers, and at the top are three figures, a Russian
    soldier about a head taller than two  ‘happy’
    Bulgarians –  a female peasant and a male
    worker.  The other side of the monument shows
     Russian scientists and engineers ‘helping’
    Bulgarian science and economy, indicating that we should be thankful to them in
    becoming  a developing  European, whereas the legacy of this ’help’
    has been corruption and failed economy. The Russians were occupiers of Bulgaria,
    and did nothing but steal from us, as they are still trying to do today, but
    now it is in the energy sector.  

    This monument got what it deserved, no
    doubt to forward-thinking art students, urging us the ‘keep up with the times’  and forget the falsification of our history and
    get over the nationalist rubbish that is still being taught in our schools.  Okay, it is also a tribute to American
    falsifications, like Santa Claus and Superheroes, but dealing with modern capitalism
    for good or ill is in fact exactly what we need to be doing now. 

  • Kutscheid

    this is a true reflection of our times..globally…

  • Aa

    Brilliant! Imagine a monument of OBL in NYC. This is what this monument represents in Bulgaria.