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Photo: Your penguin roundup

A young Antarctic Emperor penguin walks along Peka Peka Beach in New Zealand after it got lost while hunting for food Monday. Photo: AP/Richard Gill, Department of Conservation

If you feel like you haven’t gotten enough penguins in your life after taking the kids to see “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” this weekend, you are in luck, because there are a few more waddlers in the news today.

Straight out of “Happy Feet,” yet another penguin movie, comes the tale of the young Emperor penguin that showed up on a New Zealand beach Monday night. Conservation experts think the 10-month-old, 32-inch-tall penguin simply got lost while searching for food. Since Emperor penguins can spend months out at sea, and this little fellow seems well fed with plenty of body fat, officials are taking a hand-off approach and feel the bird will return to sea to feed and eventually make its way back home to the Antarctic. The last time a wayward penguin showed up in the South Pacific country was 44 years ago.

Perhaps the bird got disoriented because of the unexpected shutdown of the Disney website Club Penguin. Yesterday, many of the 12 million members of the children’s game-playing website were greeted by a generic domain renewal page. The cause of the problem was simple; Disney forgot to renew the domain name before the June 13 expiration date. The site was back online today, and the domain renewed through 2021.

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