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The Daily Need

Schnitzel on wheels

Today I am off to interview the Schnitzel King of NYC for a piece for NTK.

OK, I don’t know if he is pounded meat royalty, but the boss at Schnitzel & Things is a proud member of the new wave of food truck vendors who are serving up specific and sometimes gourmet cuisine on street corners. People love the good eats at a cheap price. Vendors get their American dream — owning their own business.  Some restaurants hate it and are trying to ban the competition. There are turf wars. Even the Food Network is holding a contest to find the best food truck in the U.S. Perhaps my favorite truck I’ve seen recently, just yesterday in fact, was this one, the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck.

I dunno if the truck, the ice cream or the vendor is gay, but the people leaving with their cones sure looked happy. (Olive oil and sea salt ice cream? Chocolate and Cayenne? Wow!)