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The Daily Need

Thursday morning roundup

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Photo: Agência Brasil


Hugo Chavez becomes the latest Iranian ally to speak out against anti-Semitism. The Venezuelan president follows Fidel Castro’s lead in declaring his “respect and love” for the Jewish people.


Hate your job? Afraid to quit in this rough economic climate? This Foreign Policy slideshow of the world’s most repressive workplace environments — from Eritrea, where compulsory military service can go on indefinitely, to Cuba, where the minimum wage in 2008 was about $9 a month –  will make you count your blessings.


Sports teams go green. Representatives from the nation’s professional baseball, football, hockey and soccer teams join forces with the Natural Resources Defense Council to urge stadiums to make the switch to renewable energy sources.


A new study finds that overweight men last longer in bed. Apparently men with higher body mass index also have higher levels of a female sex hormone, which makes it take longer for them to reach orgasm.


New York’s fashion week begins today. is probably not the best place to read about it. That’s not meant to be a dig, it’s just that fashion is not our strongest suit. Try New York Magazine or