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The Daily Need

Thursday morning roundup

Photo: Agropolis

Part farm, part restaurant and part grocery store, plans for the world’s first Agropolis were unveiled this week in Denmark.  With sustainability as the goal, Agropolis would have fish swimming beneath diner’s feet and vegetables growing from the walls.  The creators hope that Agropolis, if realized, would function as an ecosystem unto itself.

Officials in the Dominican Republic are investigating 16 infant deaths in a maternity hospital. The hospital, Our Lady of High Grace, is under suspicion for operating under unhygienic conditions.

Elizabeth Warren got the nod from the White House to lead the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The appointment as a special adviser allows Obama to duck the likely pushback from the GOP in Congress if she was nominated as permanent director.

The National Security Agency is eager to adopt new technology developed in the private sector,  but internal bureaucracy keeps getting in the way. This week the agency held its first conference to address these issues.

After years of push-back, internet portal Craigslist has relented and removed its “Adult Services” section for good. The operators of the site told Congress that they made the change in response to the demands of state attorneys general and anti-child trafficking organizations.