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The Daily Need

Tuesday morning roundup


Donald Trump

The upcoming season of The Donald’s primetime hit, “The Apprentice,” will be celebrity-free this time around. The format will revert back to featuring regular folks whose livelihoods have been negatively affected by the economy.


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton convened a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to discuss peace in the Middle East.  Most pressing for the summit is the impending expiration of the moratorium on new Israeli settlements in the West Bank.


U.K. scientists have discovered that molecules from cockroach brains can be used to make antibiotics. It’s not entirely unsurprising to researchers because roaches live in very dirty places and need the resistance to microbes.


At long last, BP commenced drilling the final 50 vertical feet of the “bottom kill” procedure.  This last step is being touted as the permanent solution to the disastrous oil leak that wreaked havoc in the Gulf of Mexico earlier this year. (TOPIC: Gulf oil spill)


A bright spot for the economy, August retail sales in the U.S. showed their largest gain in five months.  Economists are taking this as an indicator that the feared “double-dip” may be less likely than expected.