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The Daily Need

Tuesday morning roundup


It turns out that there may be a bright side to global warming after all: It reduces cases of the bubonic plague. Globally, the number of cases has been in decline recently, and a new study concluded that escalating temperatures have helped.


The FBI arrested a man in Chicago this weekend on charges that he attempted to set off a bomb on a crowded street corner.  Interestingly, the man was caught in a sting, and the “bomb” was actually an “intricate fake” created by the bureau.


Jon Stewart’s new book “Earth (The Book): A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race” hits shelves today.  The 300-page volume is a satirical look at the human condition, compiled for the use of alien visitors.


Yesterday, Washington, D.C., started its much anticipated Capital Bikeshare program.  The launch put 1,100 bikes into service for anybody who pays an annual $50 fee.


This week, the United Nations announced that global poverty may actually improve dramatically over the next few years.