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Appealing to the women of Virginia

Several weeks ago Producer Mona Iskander traveled to Virginia, a vital swing state in the 2012birth control election, to examine how the state’s Republican-controlled general assembly’s efforts to curb access to abortion providers could affect the presidential contest.

She talked with Katherine Waddell, a former Republican about how policies on choice had influenced her party affiliation: “I believe in a limited government. And I think that when you start getting involved in what’s happening in people’s personal lives, then that’s no longer limited government. That’s big government invasion and I’m very opposed to that. I used to go to meetings and I would say, ‘I am passionately Republican and I’m passionately pro-choice.’ Now, it’s very difficult for me to say, ‘I’m passionately Republican.’”

Waddell was on hand to introduce President Obama at his rally in Fairfax County — her presence as a former GOP voter noted in The Weekly Standard‘s article “In Virginia, Obama Touts Support for Abortion, Free Contraception.”

Find out more about The women’s choice in Virginia.

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