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  Dispatches from Afghanistan

A heavy metal band in Kabul, a peacock named Groundhog and an exchange of gunfire in a remote outpost. War artist Steve Mumford shares his experiences and drawings.

  Kinetic environment

War artist Steve Mumford shares a dispatch from Afghanistan.

District unknown

By Steve Mumford War artist Steve Mumford shares a dispatch from Afghanistan. Around 11 pm someone I’ve never met sitting at the next table pulls out a joint and offers me a hit. I’m working on my third glass of white wine and the proposal has an organic logic. I’m a little tired, having been [...]


‘Mad Men’ recap: The twelve steps of Christmas

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce throws a holiday party for the history books in the latest Broadcastinating.



A followup on the World Cup’s lousy officiating — and what could be done about it.


  Next week’s news: WeekyLeaks edition

In light of this week’s big news — the release of thousands of pages of confidential military documents on the war in Afghanistan — Andy has decided to leak a few secrets of his own.


  The Henry Louis Gates arrest, one year later

Alison Stewart talks with Harvard Law professor Charles Ogletree, author of a new book about the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, about race, gender and the Supreme Court.


  Free at last: The David Lewis story

David Lewis, a prison reform advocate who founded the organization Free At Last, saved lives. Then last month, his own life was taken, and the crime remains unsolved.


  Beyond Shirley Sherrod: Racial discrimination at the USDA

There have been tens of thousands of racial discrimination claims against the USDA in recent years. Alison Stewart steps back from the furor over the Shirley Sherrod saga to explain the backlog and its consequences.