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In Utah, firing squad case raises questions, and some shrugs, about death penalty

Jurors who sentenced a man to death have regrets on the eve of his execution by firing squad in Utah. But the “Wild West” style execution is changing few other opinions in the state.

As Utah inmate faces firing squad, jurors from original trial speak out

A juror who sentenced a Utah man to death in 1985 told Need to Know she would have preferred life in prison. The inmate, who faces a firing squad, is seeking a last-minute reprieve.


As Belgium goes, so goes the EU?

A separatist party’s recent victory in this tiny bilingual and divided country leave many wondering: will Belgium survive?


Dream big or go ‘home’

Immigrant students are risking deportation to support a controversial bill that would allow them to stay.


‘This is Africa!’ Vuvuzelas and all

A dispatch from the World Cup: from the wig-wearing, color-bearing fans to the giant beelike sounds of the vuvuzelas.


U.K. immigrants must speak the queen’s English

The U.K. is now requiring non-European immigrant spouses to take an English language test.


At World Cup, vuvuzela may give South African music a bad name

A South African musicologist fears the vuvuzela, which produces a loud droning noise on television, will give his country’s music a bad name.


Architect Frank Gehry talks LEED and the future of green building

The Pritzker Prize-winning architect talks to Need to Know about LEED and the future of green building.


A Broadway director’s unexpected date with Tony

It took Marcia Milgrom Dodge 30 years of working the regional theater circuit to become a Broadway director. With the exception of a few off-Broadway gigs, her talent rarely registered on the radar of the New York theater community. But when her acclaimed Kennedy Center production of “Ragtime” transferred to the Neil Simon Theater last [...]