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Naomi Campbell embroiled in Liberian blood diamond case

Prosecutors say former Liberian president Charles Taylor gave the supermodel a blood diamond. Plus, five things you need to know to avoid buying one yourself.

As midterms near, Democrats weigh two hot-button issues

President Obama is contending with two hot-button issues: gays in the military and government spending.


Jamal Greene on juvenile justice and the Supreme Court

Need to Know talks to Jamal Greene, a professor at the Columbia University School of Law and former clerk for Justice John Paul Stevens.


Supreme Court agrees to hear death row inmate’s civil rights case

Attorneys for Hank Skinner have argued that prosecutors violated his rights by denying him access to evidence recovered from the crime scene.

Texas school board approves controversial textbook changes

The Texas education board approved sweeping changes to its state curriculum that would give social studies books a more conservative bent.


  Imprisoning teenagers for life

Joe Sullivan has been in jail since he was 13. Now, thanks to a Supreme Court ruling, he has a chance at redemption.


The remaking of Medellín

The Colombian city long known for its entrenched poverty and violent drug cartels (including one led by notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar), has embarked on an ambitious program to reinvent itself through design.

French officials search for thieves behind shocking art heist

Paris officials issued a public plea to to thieves behind a brazen art heist, begging them not to damage the pieces.

Pakistan blocks Facebook over ‘Draw Mohammed’ controversy

Pakistani officials announced that they were blocking access to Facebook because of a competition urging users to draw the Prophet Muhammad.