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Past vs. future in Afghanistan

The U.S. military is focused on the future, but Afghan culture venerates the past.


U.K. immigrants must speak the queen’s English

The U.K. is now requiring non-European immigrant spouses to take an English language test.


A once-imprisoned writer on Iran’s smoldering resistance

Iran’s protest movement is like “fire under the dirt.” One day, the wind will blow the dirt aside, and the flames could arise again.


With Gaza blockade under fire, should the U.S. talk to Hamas?

As international criticism of the Gaza blockade grows, some are calling for a dialogue with the government there, Hamas. Others say a dialogue would condone Hamas’s violence.


  Heart of Jenin

A Palestinian boy’s death becomes a gift of life for six Israelis. As the Middle East devolves deeper in conflict, the story of Ahmed Katib offers a rare vision of common humanity and hope.


  Google and the ‘great firewall’

As China defended its policy of web censorship, Need to Know spoke with Google’s chief legal officer about his company’s own run-in with China’s censors.


  An island without oil

John Larson travels to Samso, population 4,000, to find out how its residents kicked their addiction to oil — and how the U.S. might follow their lead.


Activists may ask International Criminal Court to investigate raid

The activists behind a Gaza-bound flotilla involved in a deadly Israeli raid told Need to Know on Monday that they may seek an investigation by the International Criminal Court.

New aid ship nears Gaza coast, as Israeli Navy trails closely behind

Sufi Yusoff of the Perdana Global Peace Organization told Need to Know early Saturday morning that she had spoken with the passengers aboard the Rachel Corrie, a new aid ship trying to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza.