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Scandals rock British government, threatening fragile coalition

The new British government of Prime Minister David Cameron, less than three weeks old, was rocked on Saturday by the resignation of one of its most senior members.


  A Memorial Day at war

American troops have fought for nine years in Afghanistan and more than seven in Iraq, but many Americans hardly notice that their country is at war. That’s worth remembering this Memorial Day. An essay by Jon Meacham.

Activists sailing for Gaza anticipate confrontation with Israeli Navy

More than 700 international activists are speeding along the Mediterranean Sea from Turkey to the Gaza Strip, prepared for a stand-off with Israel.


  A conversation with artist Steve Mumford

Need to Know’s Alison Stewart talks to war artist Steve Mumford about his time in Iraq.


Obama’s approval rating soars in sub-Saharan Africa

With financial woes, environmental disasters and a faltering approval rating in the United States, the Obama administration can take comfort in an improved international image. On Tuesday, Gallup released the results of a poll conducted across 110 countries in 2009 showing that median worldwide approval of U.S. leadership has jumped to 51 percent, up from [...]


  Gangs and politics in Jamaica

Need to Know spoke to Jonathan Rapley about the complicated relationship between gangs and politics in Jamaica.

Iran sanctions pit major powers against developing world

The U.S.-led push for sanctions on Iran has opened a rift between world powers and developing nations, threatening international consensus on efforts to limit the spread of nuclear weapons.


Deploying while many are coming home

Three brothers from Wisconsin are set to deploy for a year-long mission in Iraq. Need to Know visits the Lemke family on their final weekend together.

U.S., South Korean officials plan for hostage crisis as tensions mount

South Korean leaders said on Thursday that they were preparing for a possible hostage situation at a joint industrial park in North Korea.