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Your Money Your Life


  Loans on the line

In Missouri, there’s an effort to put an initiative on the ballot this November that would cap payday loan interest rates. But will capping rates mean no credit at all for some Missourians? Stacey Tisdale reports.


  American Voices: Cy Richardson

The National Urban League’s Cy Richardson on how to put money into the hands of those who have historically been shut out.


  Gary Rivlin on the high cost of poverty

Journalist Gary Rivlin talks to Jeff Greenfield about the need for affordable, non-predatory credit in poor communities.


America’s poverty tax

Author Gary Rivlin on the invention of the payday loan, rent-to-own, and a long list of diabolically clever ideas that entrepreneurs have devised to get hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars rich off those with thin wallets.


Poll: Payday loans

Should payday loans be banned? Vote in our poll.


Payday lending

Do payday loans take advantage of the poor? Or do they extend much-needed loans to consumers with no other access to credit? Read our primer.