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A taxing question

Would you accept a tax increase if it meant improving the overall economy of the United States?

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  • 1 of the 99%

    There are very few ways for the govt to bring in revenues and the main one is taxes, making “well to do” earners pay their share is only fair. I’ve always paid my taxes. Income is income, No more loopholes for the wealthy.

  • The Busboy

    You’re question is very bias. Who says that a tax increase would result in a stronger economy ? JFK certainly did not believe this nor Clinton.

  • James Herman

    Steve Forbes got it right when he ran for president. A flat income tax with the elimination of all deductions to simply raise revenue is what is needed. Forget about the social engineering. Once you’ve earned past the poverty level then everyone pays the same flat tax rate. And as Ray Suarez suggested, treat all income the same.
    On entitlement reform, healthcare is too expensive. I like covering all Americans but we need medical socialism to augment medical capitalism. Government doctors would receive a free education from college through medical school along with spending money. They then work for an hourly wage with malpractice immunity in expanded VA hospitals and medical clinics. Medicare, medicaid and everyone else without medical capitalism health insurance would have to accept medical socialism on an HMO model administered by government doctors. It would be ordinary and reasonable care but it would also be medical rationing under the Oregon plan. Obamacare with no limit is not sustainable. We simply cannot do everything medically possible for everyone with no limit.
    Finally, why can’t we end the unconstitutional practice of exclusionary zoning in this country? I went from paying $3,720/yr in lot rent to a mobile home park in Farmington Hills, MI to paying just $662/yr in property taxes to Hillsboro, OH once I was allowed to place my singlewide mobile home on a residential outside of the mobile home park and just pay property taxes like everyone else. Too bad I had to lose my job, retire and then move my singlewide 300 miles south in order to do this. Farmington Hills, MI said a home has to be at least 24 ft wide and conform to existing housing. If I wanted to stay in Michigan then I would’ve had to move 167 miles further north. In fact Detroit is considering selling their empty lots at $300/lot to so they can just plant trees. They’d rather do that than end their exclusionary zoning. How sad is that?

  • maj

    The poll question is framed in a biased way. It should be more balanced: “Do you think that a tax increase or decrease would help the overall economy of the U.S.?” or “Do you think a tax increase would help or hurt
    the overall economy of the U.S.?”
    See President John F. Kennedy’s two minutes clip on taxes:

  • dp77904

    Workfare – NOT – welfare, for the able bodied.

  • Tim

    The govement needs to balance the budges and stop unnecessary spending before raising taxes!!!!!!!

  • AJ

    As a Veteran I would gladly pay more in taxes if it meant a stronger US. Here’s an eye opener — simply do like most other countries and form a national oil company to compete with the likes of ExxonMobil. That way, not only could you raise revenue and keep taxes low, but you also force gas prices down.

  • Bertha Kriegler

    I believe that the top 1% who have had years of tax breaks should be taxed at the rates they used to pay. And I believe that corporations should not be allowed to hide their profits in overseas tax havens.

  • WBG,Jr.

    This is a rigged question. Tax increases will NOT improve the overall economy of the United States under any circumstances. By saying otherwise in the question, you have rigged the result to get the answer you want.

  • Jan Myers

    I believe we need to have a huge change in consciousness; we should be directing our resources toward “sustainability.” How to sustain healthy communities and a healthy role in the world? How do we sustain resources in the earth so that the earth stays habitable, and our children and grandchildren have a great relationship with the beauty and awesomeness of an earth that sustains us. I would not mind paying higher taxes, but I don’t want it to go for fighting wars and more wars; I want it to go for education, particularly education that helps our citizens understand how we are all in this together, and we don’t need the part of the American dream that measures our value by how we “get ahead” in llife. The competition part of capitalism has gone too far. Most of the religious traditions would support caring, nurturing, respect for animals and trees, and working to improve on the results of pollution and Monsanto type greed tactics.
    Taxes could be higher on those who are using a greater share of the earth’s resources and reduced for those who reuse, recycle and live a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Viejog

    Biased question. A balanced budget will only be achieved by spending cuts and when the volume of the GDP has greatly improved gradual tax reform will produce long term benefits. BTW the military and federal employees are not exempt from cuts. There is something unjust about working 20 years and receiving large retirement benefits for the next 42!

  • Anonymous

    Do you think capitalism is corrupt?

  • Anonymous

    why is every rich American feeding into the governments lies when they have enough money to change the country their selves ?

  • Jerry

    i would accept a tax increase as long as the wealthier people paid the same percentage as I would. What also needs to be done is that tariffs should be re-instated for all the companies that have sent jobs overseas and make their product cost the same as it would if it was made here in the U.S.A.

  • lgfromillinois

    Under current conditions a modest tax increase for higher income levels will not hurt the economy. Tax rates are already relatively low compared to average rates since WWII; infrastructure and people investments are necessary for sustainable growth for the future; our country will be stronger if we tackle the debt in multifacet approach. Not just an income tax rate increase to higher marginal rate, but social security tax extended to a higher income base and increased fees for polluters and heavy resource users (roads, water ways, etc.).

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I’m sick of the corruption in government and the crony capitalism
    system the bankers and politicians have setup. If you really want a
    stronger America, get rid of the federal reserve, the fractional banking
    system and central banking. Until then, we will all be indentured
    servitude slaves.

    It’s sad when one can go into public office
    broke and come out with millions in your bank account. Why do Americans
    put up with corrupt politicians who pass draconian laws written by
    bankers and special interest groups that exempt themselves and a chosen
    few elitist and they don’t even read them before voting on them?

    Americans take the time to research the facts for themselves instead of
    relying on the propagandist news organizations such as CNN, FOX, CBS,
    ABC, NBC who all get their news from two sources, Reuters (wholly owned
    by the Rothschild family) and Associated Press, we are doomed.

  • usmcjr34

    How is a working person to answer this type of question? I don’t make the kind of money that the congressman make, I don’t get a raise every year tlike they do. I have one income to provide the best life I can for my family without help from the government. I work 100 hours on avarage every two weeks. I’m in the group that all these people are standing on.

  • also one of the 99%

    Why didn’t you have David Stockman on your panel? As a Republican, he would have balanced your panel where all but one seemed to be concerned about having their own taxes raised. Stockman says raising taxes for all is best thing for the country. I agree.

  • Anonymous

    There is no reason except for greed that anyone should have to work over 40 hrs a week to be able to survive. Greed is a major reason why everything is so high. .the higher the prices the more hours people have to work just to survive.Peop;e wonder what happened to the family. It is because people have to work so much they have no idea who their family is.

  • CJ

    There a lot of glass half empty people answering this question. I don’t think the question is couched in a “biased” way. You just have to use your noggin to determine what would happen if they raised taxes: 1) the US would stop borrowing money (assumption), 2) the International Institutions would upgrade our financial status, 3) we may see an increase in foreign investment if the US looks less shaky), 4) If the lower and middle class are able to generate a certain level of disposable income, they’ll spend it which will fuel the economy, 5) any decrease in the deficit will generate a spike in Wall Street, which may spur further investments.

  • CJ

    It may not be corrupt, but it can be a really naughty boy when it wants to be.

  • Shan

    No a tax increase would hurt those of us that are struggling to get by as it is. These people that have millions need to give back to the people. They can’t take it with them when they die now can they? I can’t even get the health care that I need because of all the taxes I have to pay and I am disabled. It isn’t right.

  • BDS

    I absolutely agree this is a biased question. Exactly what I expect from PBS or NPR.

  • Leroy Jones

    please examine history,tax increases do nothing but increase the power of politicians who are supposed to properly manage the finances,so giving them more the country is going to get better? I don’t think so.

  • Raymond Tilly

    Watching the “Need to Know” discussion on the upcoming “financial cliff” it was apparent that some people are willing to throw the baby out with the bath water! Rather than extend the current tax rates until a comprehensive reform can be developed by the next Congress/Administration they would throw the economy off of the cliff!

  • ORNS

    I’m tired of hearing Social Security and Medicare referred to as “entitlements”. I earned and paid for my Social Security and Medicare benefits. Medicaid is not Social Security; neither is Social Security Disability. Disability has in fact become the new welfare.
    Earned income as far as federal income tax is an atrocious idea and is costing millions. Why should anyone get more income tax back than they paid into the system??
    Get rid of the entitlements for the rich, i.e. lower percent of income tax, etc. A milllionaire or billionaire does not need social security benefits or medicare. They especially don’t need it if they don’t pay into it.

  • jeff

    I agree with WBG – our corporate tax rates are driving business out of our country! Increasing ANY taxes will further demoralize the nation, and weaken the economy. Contrary to the liberal philosophy, the economy os NOT a zero sum game. Get the government out of the way and America could return to her earlier prosperous self.

  • KRAYA2

    How about a smaller more efficient government that spends less than it brings in and properly uses our military to protect our borders and national interests. More taxes = more government and the associated waste.

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  • Irene

    No new taxes. I am on disability and I am required to pay taxes on it. I need every dime I get. It isn’t right to have to pay taxes on what little money I get.