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Afghanistan’s agony: A photojournalist’s view

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The United States’ and NATO’s involvement in the war in Afghanistan is scheduled to wind down by the end of 2014 with the phased transfer of security to the Afghan government. No one believes that this is a fully attainable goal, and it is obvious that NATO and U.S. troops will continue to have a long-term role there beyond 2014. In this video and photographic diary, VII photojournalist Franco Pagetti provides an overview of his work in Afghanistan, from the front lines to the villages to the hospitals. It is obvious that much work lies ahead and that this war, now heading into its 10th year, is far from over.

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    Bush rejects Taliban offer to hand Bin Laden over

    9.30pm update: * Taliban demand evidence of Bin Laden’s guilt
    * Second week of airstrikes starts
    * Taliban urges US to halt bombing

    It was not a life or death struggle, where America faced imminent demise. The Taliban offered to hand over Bin Laden, if America had the proof that he actually was the culprit in 9/11. The Bush administration rejected that offer and did not provide the proof. Rather, they pursued the policy of invasion and aggression.