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Following Need to Know report, a call for federal investigation

Members of Congress call for DOJ to investigate death of Hernandez Rojas


  • Edie

    Thank ou for showing us Crossing the line, part 2 tonight.It is shocking that the bad border patrol agent david kermes retains his job after abusing migrantsand displaying a racial stereotype photo of Pres. Obama, and the honorable border patrol agent who blew the whistle on serious abuses he witnessed among his peers, loses his job and is framed by his peers out of revenge. We should demand that Kermes lost his job and be prosecuted for his violations of laws, and Ephraim Cruz, be reinstated to his job with full pay for having the courage to honor his agencies laws for human decency of migrants. If we remain silent in the face of this immorality by our government agency re. their agents, then we will have lost the respect we should have as a democracy and respect for law by the powerful. Please contact your representatives in congress and the President re. this scandal.